*Previously, units were in very poor condition; several 

tenants hadn't paid rent in months


*Former landlord neglected necessary repairs for many years

*Units had pending city violations with health 

department/code compliance

*Average time to rent new units less than

7 days


*Housed 2 veterans, 2 victims of 

domestic violence


*Previously poorly managed building                       

*30% of tenants were historically delinquent             

*Multiple break-ins

*Inhabited by squatters

*Had applicants for all units before units were complete

*Area continues to rapidly improve due ro proximity to new Crenshaw/LAX                                                                  

*Airport Metro Rail expansion, already under construction

E 108th STREET

*4 units were completely abandoned

*1 unit inhabited by squatters

*Average time to rent new units Less than 7 days

*Housed 7 member family from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom


*Business owner indicated she was shutting

down the market

*Business was held up a number of times   

*The electrical wiring was completely

exposed in several areas

*Parts of the ceiling were rotting and falling down

*Owner has expanded to include fruits and vegetables and an instant morning business (a steaming pot of coffee/tea)   


*Business Owner indicated her business is up 15%+ and she is able to increase her prices for the first time in over 5 years

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