Tenant Testimonials

“I haven’t had my own place since 1984. I spent most of my adult life on Skid Row. I got caught up on using drugs and couldn’t think about anything else but just surviving and using more to forget about my situation. It wasn’t until my only daughter said to me that unless I clean up and get off the street, I will never be able to see my new grandchild. That was a wakeup call for me. So with the help of The Exodus Recovery program, I was able to get into a SoLa apartment. I don’t think anyone can imagine how it feels to have your own place after being on the streets for 34 years. I have been able to stay clean and with my own place, I was able to meet my grandchild for the first time. I don’t think anybody ever expected that to happen.”

Kevin, SoLa Tenant

“My 8 month-old son was born with a delicate respiratory condition. He requires 24/7 oxygen and fulltime care. After he was born, we lost our housing because a landlord took our deposit and rent then the building was condemned. Being homeless was terrifying because my son’s life was at stake. We had no more savings and had to live in our car with our new baby. He then got very sick. At the hospital, the social worker told me they had to take our baby away from us if we didn’t find a place to live. We found SoLa through a program that helps homeless families. After finding SoLa the change was like a 360 turn. Now we have a really nice home and my son is in a secure place where we can take care of his condition, give him his medication and where he can play and crawl. Sola rentals because it’s the only company that gave us that opportunity to get an apartment and save our baby from more medical problems and being taken away.”

Beatriz, SoLa Tenant

I was homeless on the streets of Venice on-and-off for about 14 years before I found a SoLa apartment. I got tired of being in the mud and worrying about where I could lay my head down and have safety. At that point, I had no one to rely on for help but St Joseph’s Center helped me get into a substance abuse program and to have medical access to treat my depression in a healthy way. I have been sober for 2 years now and I love everything about my new apartment. Now I’m putting my home together little by little but mostly I’m getting used to being indoors and having my own place. I’m looking into opening a mobile motor cycle repair business. I love working on cars and now I’m learning about motorcycle repair as well. Thinking about my career and how to move forward is so much easier when you don’t have to worry about your stuff being taken, or being assaulted on the streets. I’m so grateful to have found SoLa. It was meant to be!

Patricia, SoLa Tenant

We moved to Los Angeles from Philadelphia to pursue a better life for our family. Things didn’t pan out as we expected and we found ourselves homeless for over a year; having to sleep in our car or anywhere else we could. We have no family support here but we were lucky and were able to get help from LA Family Housing program to stay in hotel rooms before they introduced us to SoLa where were finally able to sign a lease for our apartment. We’re so happy to have found SoLa! My daughter and I participate in all their I CAN! Events. I also recently gained employment and I’m very grateful for the turn our life has take for the better. 

Shameka, SoLa Tenant

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