Jan 01, 2020

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Jan 22, 2023



Join us for a FREE Art Experience with a visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) followed by an instructional art session at Mission Renaissance. Transportation, art supplies, and lunch provided. Ages 5 and up. Parents welcome. Space is limited.


DATE: Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Meeting Location: 8629 S. Vermont Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90044



9:00am          Check in and depart SoLa Office for LACMA 

10:00             LACMA Visit

12:15             Lunch

1:30pm          Leave LACMA for Art Studio (West LA)

2-3:30pm      Art instruction

4:00pm         Arrive at SoLa Office



About the Introductory Fine Arts Class:

Fine arts education has been proven to increase the academic achievements, development, civic engagement, and the opportunities of the students that participate in it. SoLa is hosting a fine arts introductory session for youth 5 and up.  Students will begin to gain a foundation in how to draw and how to paint. Using a charcoal pencil and pastels, the students will learn to build a drawing through the use of simple shapes and then how to create colorful, 3-dimensional effects, resulting in their finished work looking more life-like.  


TO REGISTER:  Email sherri@solaimpact.com or call 323-306-4648 Ext 113

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