SoLa Impact was founded with the purpose of bringing revitalization and development to South Los Angeles. Our underlying premise has been to offer attractive, well managed, affordable apartments to “good, hardworking families that want a safe place for their kids.” 

 “Shelter” is one of the most basic human needs and the lack of quality housing in low income communities represents a critical issue in America today. The Sola team has been restoring neighborhood pride by inspiring communities that have been previously disregarded. 



Impact Investing

Intelligent capital is desperately needed  in “America’s backyard.”  What the Fund is doing, how we are doing it, where we are doing it is different than most investment vehicles or social impact funds – real-estate or otherwise.

SoLa Impact Partnerships

SoLa focuses on the social aspect of the revitalization of South LA by partnering with community and neighborhood groups to provide social services to the community.  We partner with over a dozen programs including HUD/Veteran's Administration (VASH), HUD/Section 8, First 5 LA, LIFT Communities, Getlove, Beyond Housing and PATH.

SoLa Impact

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