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Some funds have reached their goals. SoLa Impact, which invests in distressed neighborhoods

in South Central Los Angeles, closed in August a $100 million opportunity-zone fund focused on

affordable housing and a business campus.

“We’ve been investing in areas that most people overlook for the last 10 years,” said Managing

Partner Martin Muoto.

SoLa Impact: In The News

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"Is an Opportunity Zone the Right Investment for You? SoLa Impact Has a Different Strategy: Investing With A Social Conscience"


May 17, 2019​


"Tapping Opportunity Zones, Social Impact Investor SoLa Raises Its Biggest Fund. Martin Muoto and Opportunity Zones Are A Perfect Match" 

May 31, 2019​

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Sept, 27 2019​

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Engaging communities

In Los Angeles, SoLa Impact, a decade-old impact fund manager, has nearly hit its $100 million Opportunity Fund target. SoLa invested $28 million to acquire 17 properties for affordable and workforce housing in South Central, Compton and Watts, and plans to invest an additional $50 million to rehab the facilities. Community organizations will provide social services for tenants.

“If you can understand the risk in these communities you can make really good returns,” SoLa founder Martin Muoto, an ex-venture capitalist with General Atlantic Partners and Accretive Partners, told ImpactAlpha. 

SoLa claims a retention rate of 98% among its tenants, nearly all people of color and two-thirds low-income. Muoto says many are lifetime renters and reliable, making the properties attractive to investors. “These are tenants that are really recession-proof.” Click for full article

Aug 28th, 2019​

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SoLa Impact was established to create market returns for investors while revitalizing urban areas to develop high-quality affordable housing in low-income communities. The $100-million SoLa Impact Opportunity Zone Fund’s mission is multifamily rehab and development, as well as helping create jobs and revitalize neighborhoods.

July 24th, 2019​

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"SoLa Gives Scholarships to Young People Who Never Gave Up In South Los Angeles. Recipients were low income students, 'dreamers', first-generation college students, and some who have been homeless"

June 30th, 2019​

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"SoLa Impact's Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony Concludes at USC. Nearly $100k awarded to twenty-seven inspiring South Los Angeles Youth"




June 30th, 2019​

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Opportunity Zone Funds: It's Complicated

New Proposed rules from the IRS clarify many questions investors had, but other questions remain. 


“The second set of rules provides flexibility for the operating companies and will help bring jobs to the areas,” says Martin Muoto, founder and CEO of SoLa Impact Fund, which invests in the distressed neighborhoods in South Los Angeles and is raising funds for a $100 million opportunity zone fund that invests similarly.

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