Tenant Testimonials

"It’s not just having a place where we can live. It means for us to be safe and for me to feel like I can accomplish something."
Formerly Homeless Single Mother
"We need this. This is how you transform neighborhoods. You guys have gone above and beyond. You know how they talk about being a part of the solution? They say to be a part of the change, and I think you guys are doing that.”
SoLa Tenant
"We moved to Los Angeles from Philadelphia to pursue a better life for our family. Things didn’t pan out as we expected and we found ourselves homeless for over a year; having to sleep in our car or anywhere else we could. We have no family support here but we were lucky and were able to get help from LA Family Housing program to stay in hotel rooms before they introduced us to SoLa where were finally able to sign a lease for our apartment. We’re so happy to have found SoLa! My daughter and I participate in all their I CAN! Events. I also recently gained employment and I’m very grateful for the turn our life has take for the better." 
SoLa Tenant

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